Why singing to kids is important and how it can help your child develop harmoniously?

  • It is a great bonding experience as the child gets accustomed to your voice.
  • Helps them feel safe. If you have a song for wake up, for the meal and for sleeping it helps them make the transitions better.
  • Teaches them the language. As music is rhythmical and repetitive, children learn faster.
  • Teaches them new words.
  • Teaches them to be musical.
  • It is a great way to play.
  • It is a great way to have family fun.

  • But, sometimes it is hard knowing all the tunes...

    That is why you need a little help. And that is why we developed an amazing app on iTunes for your precious mobile device & gadget. Introducing MegaLullaby! The first nursery rhyme app for your iPhone/iPad/iPod that has tunes in angelic voice and acoustic guitar!



    Why should you choose Mega Lullaby for your child?

  • 50 most favourite and traditional nursery songs in 1 apps!
  • Uniquely acoustic versions of fun and soothing songs!
  • Easy bookmarking. You can fav your kids favorite songs!
  • Easy search function. You can find songs fast whenever needed!
  • and many more...


    • MegaLullaby is just perfect, it allows me to sing-a-long with my loved ones in an instant! - Jane Watson

    • Nice and easy, 30 seconds is all I need to have some fun! - Mandy

    • It saves a whole lots of trouble. Especially during our long summer trip. Just pick any song and my family are all good to go! - Steven.

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